The Business Debt Arrangement Scheme is a statutory debt management tool launched by the Scottish Government in December 2014.

It was introduced to help partnerships, trusts or an unincorporated body of persons to repay their creditors. The Business Debt Payment Plan (DPP) allows the debtor to pay off their debts over an extended period of time while giving them protection from their creditors taking action against them to recover the debt. 

The DPP under business DAS can only last for a maximum of 5 years. If approved, it will freeze all interest, fees, penalties and other charges on the debt.

Unlike the DAS, which requires the DPP to prepared and submitted by an approved money advisor, the DPP for a Business DAS must be prepared and signed off a licensed insolvency practitioner.

The insolvency practitioner will also conduct an annual review to ensure the ongoing viability of the business.